Apple iPhone 4 tops in smartphone satisfaction survey

iPhone 4 might have been the “biggest leap since the original iPhone” according to Apple but after performing some lab tests on its antenna consumer reports certainly seem to disagree and could not recommend the fourth gen iPhone.

Even after the special press conference held by Apple, to clarify the attenuation issue, consumer reports continued to believe that Apple’s latest mobile phone is not fit for the consumers.

However, according to J.D. Power and Associates customer satisfaction survey Apple has ranked the highest for the fourth consecutive year.

6,800 smartphone owners were asked to rate the phones based on overall satisfaction , ease of operation, operating system, physical design and handset features. Apple scored perfect ratings overall but fell short in the battery function and scored 800 out of 1000.

The second smartphone manufacturer turned out to be Motorola with a score of 791 and HTC came third with 781.

The high resolution retina display, Facetime video calling and multitasking capabilities are just some of the reasons behind iPhone 4’s success and has created a huge demand internationally.

China Unciom recently launched the latest iPhone in China and sold 100,000 units in just four days. The demand continues to rise while Apple is trying its best to manufacture new phones as fast as they can.



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