Has Apple Removed AirPlay for the iPhone 3G from iOS 4.2?

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Unfortunately for users of Apple’s iPhone 3G, a nasty little list is beginning to build up of new features that are introduced to iOS, but aren’t available on the two-year-old device. Along with Game Centre, multitasking, and home screen wallpapers, it now seems that AirPlay could be another feature that 3G users will miss out on.

Whilst playing around with the most recent gold master beta release of iOS 4.2 on an iPhone 3G, 9to5 Mac has noticed that the AirPlay feature no longer appears during media playback. The music-streaming feature did, however, appear in previous betas of iOS 4.2, and therefore its omission is only from the GM release of the software.

Although AirPlay has been removed from the 4.2 GM beta, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t be included in the final, public release of the iPhone software. After all, Apple’s website clearly states that AirPlay will be supported on ALL iOS 4 devices. For now, though, 3G users hoping for the feature should keep their fingers crossed.

It’s not all bad news for users of the second-generation device, as Touch Reviews reported earlier this week that iOS 4.2 actually further improves the performance of the iPhone 3G, making things like web browsing, video playback, and general usage a lot snappier. It’s also worth remembering that even if Apple doesn’t include the AirPlay feature, it’s likely that it could be reintroduced through a jailbreak.

Could the omission of AirPlay for the iPhone 3G be another way of persuading customers to upgrade their devices, or is this simply another case of a feature that doesn’t perform well enough on the two-year-old device?

[via 9to5 Mac]


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