Apple is readying iPad WiFi Connectivity Fix

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Apple is readying an iPad WiFi Connectivity Fix

We reported last month that some Apple (AAPL) iPads were having problems with DHCP leases when in standby mode, and other WiFi connectivity issues. These issues caused some Universities in the US to temporarily ban iPads, and even iPhones and iPods, from their networks.

Some enterprising hackers, and University network admins, detailed the issues and why they thought they were happening. (Details at the bottom of this article). But Apple did not acknowledge the issue at the time.

On a support document dated the 6th of May Apple has given details of how some problems may be diagnosed, or overcome: []

Apple also state in that document that there will be an upcoming fix to “address remaining Wi-Fi connectivity issues” for the “very small number of iPad users” who have experienced problems.

Until then the suggestions for weak signals, forgotten passwords and “other” networking issues from Apple are as follows :

  • Updating Wi-Fi router firmware
  • Using WPA or WPA2 wireless security
  • Adjusting screen brightness
  • Renewing IP address

If you are still having problems after that, and wish to get your hands dirty rather than wait for Apple’s fix, or simply for those that are interested, here is the very detailed report from Princeton University on iPad WiFi issues: []

I personally have had no problems with my iPad, and my home router is particularly old. My friends with iPads, one who works in a college, have also had no issues either.

How has your experience with the iPad’s WiFi been so far?┬áLet us know in the comments.


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  • Barry

    My wife and I's iPad's have this problem. I have done everything on the internet to fix the issue- from Princeton's to Apples, all to no avail.

    Realize that I also have with our family four Touch's, Xbox 360, PS3, and a Macbook that have zero wifi drop issues all running off Verizon's Fios. So, I am VERY ready for a fix from Apple.

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