First Gen iPad Available in India. Should You Buy Or Wait for iPad 2?

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Apple iPad India Price Launch

Apple’s iPad was finally released in India on Friday nine months after the U.S release. When Steve Jobs announced the revolutionary iPad during his keynote in January last year the WiFi model was supposed to be available worldwide in early April. But the roll out plan didn’t go as expected due huge demand and production delays. However, as production issues were sorted the device was made available in more countries.

The iPad according to Apple’s CEO is better at performing key tasks when compared with a smartphone or a notebook. iPad’s 9.7 inch large display makes it a great device to browse the web, read eBooks and play games. The iPad will not necessarily replace your iPhone or laptop but allow you to perform routine tasks more intuitively and with longer battery life.

Unlike the U.S launch Indian stores didn’t see any long queues as people who really wanted to buy the device, may have already bought it from the gray market. In India the WiFi models are available for Rs. 27,900 ($609 for 16 GB), Rs. 32,900 ($719 for 32 GB), Rs. 37,900 ($828 for 64 GB) and WiFi + 3G models are available for Rs. 34,900 ($762 for 16 GB), Rs. 39,900 ($872 for 32 GB), Rs. 44,900 ($981 for 64 GB)

The rumors about iPad 2 have reached an all time high and Apple’s move to introduce iPad in India at this time may be seen as an attempt to get rid of the stock. It also suggests that Apple might not be in a hurry to bring iPad 2 to the Indian market.

Should Indian customers buy the first generation iPad even when the second generation device could be announced as early as next month? The answer to that question really depends on how you wish to use your iPad. If you do not see the need for a (FaceTime) camera then it might be a good idea to get the first generation. If rumors are to be believed then the second gen iPad will feature two cameras, boast faster processor and have a thinner and lighter design. So, apart from the camera first gen users will still be able to enjoy a great user experience. However, if you feel that a tablet computer must have video conferencing capability and offer SD card slot then waiting for the new iPad 2 might be a better idea.

Are you going to wait for the second gen iPad? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  • Garypipe83

    My birthday was on the 29th Jan, my partner was just about to buy me the I pad but with rumors circulating about iPad 2 I decided to stop the purchase. I am waiting in vane for the release date and also anticipate an even longer wait in the uk where I live, so hurry along apple, no one wants the 1 anymore.


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