Apple iPad Fastest Adopted New Device Ever

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This is a contrasting news to that of Android’s growing market share in the US. Apple’s iPad appears to be the fastest adopted consumer electronic device of recent history.

AppleInsider report that it has exceeded sales of the iPhone and even the original DVD player. Of course the global market is much bigger now than it was then but, this does tend to put a new perspective on just how successful the iPad has been for Apple.

Taking that into account, consider that the launch of the DVD player in 1997 had sales of just 350,000. The iPhone, some years later, took 74 days to sell its first million units. The iPad, even with constrained supplies, managed to sell its first million in just 28 days.

Colin McGranahan, retail analyst with Bernstein Research, is the source for these figures and he concludes that the iPad is the fastest selling non-phone electronic product ever.

Colin goes on to predict iPad sales worth more than $9 Billion in 2011, which makes Apple’s newest product only fourth in line in market size to that of the TV market, smart-phones and notebook computers which is quite incredible.

The iPad is expected to have sold 4.5 million more units in the financial quarter that Apple will report on this Monday, the 18th of October, at 2pm Pacific time.

Will the iPad be slowed down by the new tablets that Apple’s rivals are launching in the coming months? Or not? You can check out my opinion on that here. Then have your say in the comments…


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  • ipad development

    I think the demand for iPad will drop with time, but I was not surprised by the fact consumers adopted the Apple tablet at once: they had been waiting for such a device for quite a long period of time, so at last they got exactly what they had wanted.

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