Apple iPad 3G estimated sale figures cross 300,000

Gene Munster at Pipe Jaffray has been at it again, and has gauged the sales of iPad 3G models over its launch weekend at 50 Apple Stores in the US.

Munster noted that 49 of the 50 stores that had iPad 3Gs were sold out by Sunday, which spurred sales of the Wi-Fi only model.

Overall the iPad 3G sold as many units in its first weekend as the WiFi model did on its first day. And this now means Apple has sold over 1 Million iPads domestically. International sales, as we all know, are yet to start.

Munster is currently predicting sales of 4.3 Million iPads for 2010. I think this is a very conservative estimate.

Did you pick up an iPad 3G or WiFi this weekend? Let us know in the comments.


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