Apple iPad 3G service provided by AT&T seems to be hobbled

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Various Apple iPad 3G users are reporting internet issues and that their experience over 3G on the iPad is not quite what they expected. It has to be said that many of us were wondering why AT&T were so happy to provide what seemed on the surface to be exciting unlimited mobile internet packages for iPads.

As more and more people use their iPad’s over mobile networks to access content there are reports that all is not rosy in iPad 3G land.

The iPad 3G seems to be automatically switching to lower-res versions of media when using its 3G radio. And some sites are even being blocked.

YouTube is one example. YouTube normally plays all its content in HD. However, on the 3G iPad it is switching to a much lower resolution.

Where as ABC’s player simply refuses to work over 3G on the iPad at all. Popping up a dialog which explains that the service is “not supported at this time.”, and that you should switch to Wi-Fi!

Other reports are being passed around the web at the moment which carry accounts of NetFlix, and even the iTunes store previews, being down-sampled considerably on the iPad over 3G.

It seems that AT&T are certainly throttling their service. But it remains unclear whether this is something that Apple and AT&T have colluded on, or if it is AT&T acting alone.

We’ll keep a watching brief on this over the coming days and report back with more information when we have it.

In the meantime please let us know about your experiences with your 3G iPad in the comments.¬†Or simply let us know your feelings on what you’ve heard.

As a final thought, this does not bode well for users hoping for Video Calls, or Video Conferencing, over mobile networks on the new iPhone 4G / HD, or Apple’s next generation iPad.



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  • Wetfish

    YouTube app quality on 3G is extremely bad. Netflix is almost equal to WiFi. Very dissapointing.

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