Apple’s iPad 3 to Feature 3D Display?

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Apple’s iPad 2 has witnessed a very successful launch and the Cupertino based company continues to struggle to meet existing demand worldwide. However, we can be sure about the fact that Jobs and his team are already preparing to put final touches to the design and features of iPad 3!

The rumour mill is already speculating that Apple’s third gen tablet, iPad 3, could feature 3D display. RCR Wireless blog claims that according to “Hollywood insider close to the big movie studios” iPad 3 will most definitely support 3D display and major film studios are already preparing 3D content in time for Apple’s annual tablet launch event in 2012.

Even though in 2010 we saw many companies adopting 3D display technology it hasn’t seen major adoption worldwide as most displays require you to wear special 3D glasses. However, with handheld gaming consoles like Nintendo 3DS implementing 3D technology without requiring 3D glasses we could certainly expect the same on an iPad.

While we could certainly expect retina display in iPad 3 we are still not very convinced about Apple moving to 3D display just yet.

Do you think iPad 3 will feature 3D display? Let us know what you think.


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  • James

    iPad 3 with 3D? Then, i am looking forward iPad3.

  • James

    iPad 3 with 3D? Then, i am looking forward iPad3.

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