Apple’s iPad 2 Plagued By FaceTime Camera Freezing?

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One problem with your latest and greatest hardware selling like the proverbial hot-cakes is theĀ inevitableĀ list of things that are going wrong. One new issue to add to the yellow blotching and screen-light leaking is one of the iPad 2’s FaceTime cameras causing the tablet for completely freeze.

iPad 2 tech specs-2 Photo

In a post over on 9to5Mac, we learn that there are already multiple threads on Apple’s support forums discussing the issue.

According to multiple people on the forums, the issue appears when trying to establish a video-call using the in-built cameras, specifically – though not limited to – the front-facing unit. The only fix reported is a full restart of the iPad. Not ideal.

It’s speculated that the issue is simply a software one and 9to5Mac expect it to be fixed in a future iOS update, though that doesn’t help you right now should you be one of the 7 people on the planet that use FaceTime.


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