Apple’s 2nd Gen iPad Update to Feature LCD Screen

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Digitimes have been digging around Apple’s supply chains again, and today the not so surprising news is on the iPad 2’s screen. Apple have ordered Back Light Units (BLUs) for the production of the next version of their tablet, and AMOLED screens don’t use them.

The comparative display quality of Apple’s Retina display, and even their slightly lower spec iPad and iPod Touch screens, when compared to current AMOLED divides in the market is still much better overall. So it is not surprising that Apple have stuck with a tried and tested technology that they can “max out”.

This is something I have commented on before about Apple. They rarely stick bleeding edge components into their devices. What they do very well though is enhance existing technology, manufacture it to higher quality and reap the cost benefits for themselves while producing what is generally a better and more reliable end product for the consumer. This is exactly why the iPhone 4’s LCD Retina Display beats every other LCD or AMOLED device out there for visuals.

If Apple lavishes a few Retina Display quality embellishments on the upcoming iPad 2 it is doubtful you will be disappointed.

Were you expecting AMOLED for the iPad 2? Disappointed? Have your say in the comments…


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