Apple Releases iOS 4.3.1 Software Update Fixes Graphics Glitch and more

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iOS 4.3.1 Software Update

Apple on Friday released iOS 4.3.1 software update for iPad 2, iPhone 4 (GSM model), iPod touch (4th and 3rd gen), iPhone 3GS and first gen iPad users. Even though iOS 4.3 introduced AirPlay enhancements, improvement in Safari performance for iOS devices and Personal HotSpot feature for iPhone 4, it still feels more like a maintenance release rather than a full blown update. Those who were excited about these features were also met with disappointment as Apple’s new software update wasn’t quite bug free.

Users reported various issues like battery drain, sluggish animations, image flickering and more. Of course Apple was aware that even after series of testing and seeding the beta version to developers the update was far from perfect. So, now we have iOS 4.3.1 which promises “improvements and other bug fixes” which include:

  • Fixes an occasional graphics glitch on iPod touch (4th generation)
  • Resolves bugs related to activating and connecting to some cellular networks
  • Fixes image flicker when using Apple Digital AV Adapter with some TVs
  • Resolves an issue authenticating with some enterprise web services

Now, it’s important to note that Verizon iPhone 4 users are still on iOS 4.2.6 so this update is not for them as they obviously don’t suffer from the issues listed above. Additionally, this update is not for iPod touch (2nd generation) and iPhone 3G users too.

Unless you have a jailbroken device (or wish to jailbreak) we highly recommend updating to the latest version. In our initial testing iOS 4.3.1 does indeed resolve graphics glitch and image flicker issue. Connect your iOS device to iTunes (make sure you have latest version of iTunes first) and click ‘Check for Update’ option to update your device.

Did the update fix the issues you were experiencing with iOS 4.3? We would love to hear your experiences in the comments below.


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  • Praveen7796

    my ipod doesnt even turn on anymore

  • Me

    Since the latest update, videos no longer play properly and crashes more often than not. iPod 3

  • Tara_p

    The update hasnt helped me at all, it’s been causing my apps to not recognize my wifi connection..highly frustrating

  • Lord Pirogeth

    Well the update didnt really apply to me. But Apple is still yet to resolve the issue of The Recent Call not saving. This has been going on for nearly 6 months now with no resolve. updating the firmware doesnt fix my issue.

  • Lackenby

    I recently updated my iphone 3GS to IOS 4.3.1. Starting a movie at the beginning, it plays fine except no sound evident. When I slide forward in film it freezes. The play button will flash to pause, but will not play my movie from that point. The movie is in MP4 format and plays normally in Quicktime and iTunes on my computer.


    I am so happy to here about the update, i have been experienceing the flicker problem and was going to call apple today thinking this was a defective ipod. i am sure the glitches will now be resolved. love my new itouch.

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