Apple India iPad 2 Page Goes From ‘Buy Now’ To ‘Notify Me’

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Apple iPad 2 India Buy Now

If you’re in India and haven’t bought Apple’s iPad 2 from the grey market and still waiting for the official launch then you might have to wait longer than you thought.

Apple hasn’t announced any official launch date for its second gen tablet in the Indian markets and the first gen tablet which was released in early January this year, continues to sell at reduced prices. The Cupertino company is expected to ship iPad 2 in Hong Kong, Singapore and Korea later this month however India is still not on the list.

We have been tracking the Indian website and noticed some interesting changes on the iPad page. On April 07, exactly one week back, the iPad page on Indian website had an active ‘Buy Now’ link however, if you visit the same page today it has changed back to ‘Notify Me’.

Apple iPad 2 India Notify Me

Usually, when the Notify Me option changes to Buy Now it’s a sure indication that the new product is now available for sale but, in this case it went from Notify Me to Buy Now and then back to Notify Me.

When we contacted Apple India sales department, they had no knowledge about the ‘Buy Now’ option on Apple’s website and said that they expected the tablet to go on sale in mid June or July.

It’s clear that India is not a top priority market for Apple as new products are often delayed and launched almost 9 to 10 months after release in the US. The lack of interest is also highlighted by some parts of the website which have poor layout.

Apple India Store Design


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  • Ipad Lover

    Mr Reporter.This link comes when previous generation product is about to finish.Ipad 1 is near depletion.Check Apple websites of Singapore & Hongkong.All have notify me.Hopefully,Ipad 2 coming.

    • TouchReviews

      The Indian website just like Singapore, Hong Kong and Korea had ‘Notify Me’ option. Then on April 07 the Indian website said ‘Buy Now’ and linked to the online store but obviously the store did not list iPad 2. Then today when we checked the India website magically had the ‘Notify Me’ option yet again.

      • Ipad Lover

        I was not aware of the fact that earlier it had “Notify Me “option.When i saw it recently(no exact date),it had “Buy now” option.Today,it is showing “Notify Me”.Anyways,u must have noticesd the change in Ipad section of Apple India Website.Earlier it showed only one page including everything.But, now it is more like its American Counterpart.Hopefully, Ipad 2 releases this month as Apple had said that it will release Ipad 2 in Singapore,Hongkong,Korea and other countries.

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