Apple Inc. (AAPL) Pre-Releases Q2 2011 Earnings Figures?

In documents filed in a lawsuit against Samsung by Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), dated April the 15th, AAPL seems to have let slip its iPhone and iPad sales figures for this quarter; quite possibly by accident. But then again, Apple doesn’t do much without a plan, so it may be part of an effort to slow a recent slump in their share price.

The figures, as reported by Seeking Alpha, seem to confirm that Apple will yet again beat industry expectations, and will have sold around 18 million iPhones, and 4.2 million iPads in their last financial quarter. Most analysts are predicting around 15 – 16 million units of iPhones.

The way that Seeking Alpha has arrived at these figures is by taking previous quarterly results and the total confirmed iPhone and iPad sales figures as of those filings, and then calculating the difference between those sales figures and more recent figures quoted by Apple in the lawsuit which include sales up to March of this year.

Those figures confirm 108 million iPhones sold in total, up to March of 2011, and almost 15 million iPads sold in total up to the same date. The difference between those figures and the last gross sales figures confirmed in Apple’s previous quarterly earnings reports gave them this, apparently advance information.

Apple is due to officially release its sales figures for this last quarter imminently. But this gives us a little early insight into just how well the tech giant is doing, yet again.

Are these figures correct? We should know in a few hours! Let us know your reaction in the comments…


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