Apple Inc. (AAPL) Schedules Grand Reopening of SoHo Store in NYC

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Apple Inc. (AAPL) opened up a new retail store in NYC late last year, the Grand Central Station store but in the process, put one of its oldest locations in New York for renovations, the famous SoHo Store. Apple’s SoHo store underwent a major reconstruction earlier this year, and is set to reopen this Saturday. The SoHo location is only one of the 6 retail stores that Apple operates in New York City and serves most, if not all of lower Manhattan.

AAPL sent out emails to past customers and customers subscribed to the company’s newsletter, telling them to come down to the SoHo store and celebrate the repening of the location in its original spot. The store, located on Prince Street was temporarily moved a few blocks over, in order for Apple to renovate and expand the store. The temporary location was also two floors, with product displays on the first floors as well as a full Genius Bar, however, lacked the massive amphitheater that the original location offered.

The amphitheater is often used for celebrity visits, product demonstrations, and staff briefings. Apple rescheduled many of the events and relocated them to other stores, but brought them back for the reopening of the permanent SoHo store. The first 3,000 customers to visit the store will receive a commemorative t-shirt, similar to Apple’s other grand openings. The store will open on Saturday, July 14th at 10AM ET.


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