Apple Inc. (AAPL) Grand Central Retail Store to Open As Early As Black Friday?

Apples Grand Central Retail Store to Open As Early As Black Friday

A report from 9to5Mac recently revealed a possible opening date for Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) new Grand Central Terminal Retail Store. Grand Central Terminal is a major transportation hub in New York City, connecting multiple transit lines, as well as a popular place for excellent restaurants and retail stores.

Since early June, AAPL has been reported to have purchased a large space in Grand Central Terminal from the Metropolitan Transit Authority in order to build their 5th major retail store in New York.

Apple Inc. was expected to open the store in mid-November, however, now it seem it is likely to be pushed to late November or early December. The report suggests that the store could open as soon as this Friday, which is Black Friday, a day for major sales from large retailers around the nation.

From what we have now heard, Apple will be filling the store with stock and applying the finishing touches this week putting the the actual opening of the store on Black Friday or shortly thereafter. The goal all along has been to get the store open for the holiday shopping and to make a big splash with Apple’s new crown jewel of retail.

The new Grand Central Store’s staff has been sent over to other Apple Retail locations to finish up training ahead of the store opening. A fifth location in Manhattan will be welcomed by Apple customers who currently have to travel over 2-3 miles to reach their closest store, and is a sign that Apple is expanding in cities that show promising sales. Apple’s Grand Central Terminal will likely open this Friday, around 10AM ET, the same time the Upper West Side Store opened in 2009.