Apple Inc. (AAPL) Announces Financial Results for Q1 2013, $13.1 Billion Profit on $54.5 Billion in Revenue

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Earlier this week, Apple Inc. (AAPL) announced its financial results for the fourth quarter of 2012 and the first fiscal quarter of 2013, marking the best quarterly results ever in the company’s history. Last year, during this quarter, AAPL posted revenue of $46.33 billion and net quarterly profit of $13.06 billion, or $13.87 per diluted share.

For this quarter, the company shattered the previous revenue cap, posting a revenue of $54.5 billion and net quarterly profit of $13.1 billion, which comes out to about $13.81 per diluted share. Although analysts predicted higher figures, the Cupertino, California based company is reporting one of its most successful quarters. Apple also reported a gross margin of 38.6 percent, a decrease from last year’s 44.7 percent. The company has been experiencing a very strange shift since the start of the 2013 year.

Strangely, Apple’s stock has been in a nosedive lately, shifting back and forth and finally closing below 500 the day after the reporting of the financial results. Amid all of the uncertainty, the company is starting to gain a massive international presence with international sales accounting for 61 percent of total revenue. The company is also offering its shareholder a dividend of $2.65 per share, which will be paid by February 14 after trading ceases on February 11.

Apple has sold over 47.8 million iPhone units, an increase from the 37 million units sold a year ago. The company also sold 22.9 million iPads, up from 15.4 million from last year. Alongside these main products driving Apple’s growth the past few quarters, Apple also sold 4.1 million Macintosh computers, a decline from 5.2 million as well as 12.7 million iPods. Last year, Apple sold 15.4 million iPods, which has been experiencing a decrease in sales since several quarters.

With all of its profits and revenues calculated, Apple currently holds $137.1 billion in cash for miscellaneous acquisitions and other ventures. Despite all of the success this quarter, Apple is still seeing a decline in stocks with a 5% decline on the day of its earnings call and with a per share price of about $450 two days after. The stock currently shows no signs of rebounding as it has been in a dive for the past several days and as shareholders continue to show concerns for the company’s future.

{Via MacRumors}


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