Apple Inc. (AAPL) Acquired Mapping Company C3 Technologies

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Apple Acquired Mapping Company C3 Technologies iOS 6

The web is swirling from news of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) acquiring mapping company, C3 Technologies in an effort to beat out competition with Google’s Map data, currently available on all iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch models. AAPL has been relying upon Google to provide iOS users with map data and location based services, something that Apple Inc. is trying to take into their own hands.

With C3 Technologies, Apple can create a virtual rendition of the Street View feature of the iPhone Maps application and could provide iOS users with a far more detailed mapping experience than ever before. As noted previously, the Maps application in iOS has not seen a major revision since its introduction in early 2007. A source from 9to5 Mac confirmed the following:

Sure enough, we have now learned Apple is now the owner of C3 Technologies. Sources say that C3 Technologies CEO Mattias Astrom , C3 Technologies CFO Kjell Cederstrand, and lead C3 Technologies Product Manager Ludvig Emgard are now working within Apple’s iOS division. The leading trio, along with most of the former C3 Technologies team, is still working as a team in Sweden (interestingly, the division is now called “Sputnik”), where the C3 Technologies company was located prior to the Apple acquisition.

C3 Technologies were a very popular piece of CES 2011, lighting up the show with demos of their technology on Android and iOS devices. With Apple’s acquisition however, the technology would be limited and developed on iOS only. The company uses formerly classified missile targeting technology to achieve its extremely detailed 3D mapping effects, something that has not been seen on mobile devices.

It is not surprising that Apple wishes to part ways with Google, with all of its hardware and software being created in house. It is currently unclear when Apple will incorporate this new technology, but will likely release in next year’s iOS 6 release.

{via MacRumors}


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