Adidas Pulls Out of Apple’s iAd Due to Repeated Rejections?

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Reports are circulating that Adidas – the sports equipment and clothing manufacturer – is the latest high profile company to pull out of Apple’s iAd service. Fashion powerhouse Chanel has already given iAd a miss, and apparently Adidas has had enough of Apple’s meddling, saying enough is enough after repeated rejections.

The issue, according to Business Insider, is the way Apple takes control of the whole process, operating their fledgling advertising platform in the same way they control their iOS App Store. Ads must be vetted by the Cupertino outfit in order to ensure a higher quality ad and in turn ensuring more taps. But here lies the issue. Info from ‘two mobile industry execs’ suggests Adidas has had a creative concept rejected not once, not even twice, but three times prompting them to pull out altogether.

Other advertisers also complain of Apple’s control freak nature (does all this sound familiar?) and the way ad agencies have very little control over when and where their ads are shown.

Apple’s iAd has suffered a stuttering start to life with few premium brands using the service and Adidas withdrawing over $10m of business can’t be good news. Considering it’s rare anyone actually sees an iAd on their device, it’s fair to say they need as many people on board as possible.

Unsurprisingly neither Apple or Adidas were willing to comment when asked to by Business Insider.


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