Apple Hires UI Designer Who Designed Leaked iPhone 4S Siri UI

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Apple introduced its Voice Assistant, Siri with the introduction of the iPhone 4S in October. However, prior to the announcement of the iPhone 4S and Siri, Jan-Michael Cart, UI concept designer created a mock up that closely resembled the final product.

Jan-Michael Cart, University of Georgia student officially announced on his new blog on Tuesday, that he is headed to Cupertino to take a seven-month internship with Apple. Cart gained much attention from iPhone and Mac rumor communities because of his amazingly accurate mock ups of iOS and Lion features.

And like that, my time has come — I am now a member of the Apple community. I will still update my website with random small portfolio additions. I will also open up the blog portion of my website to document my day-to-day happenings in Cupertino. Stay tuned!

In early 2011, rumor site MacRumors and Cart worked together on a mock up of what they believed the Siri voice assistant would look like and how it would operate. After creating a UI design, they reflected their new concept in the form of a video (Check it out below).

Apple’s current Siri UI runs very similar to what Cart predicted and designed. This is not the first time that Apple adopted designs from developers and brought them onboard to work with the iOS software. Apple also offered internships to to Peter Hajas, developer of the jailbreak tool MobileNotifier, which later became Apple’s Notification Center and Nicholas Allegra, known in the jailbreak community as Comex.

Apple is showing flexibility in its approach in innovating iOS software, utilizing the talents and skills of various jailbreakers, hackers, and UI designers to push iOS forward into the modern day creation you see today. It is quite a smart and opportunistic move to bring brilliant minds onboard.

{Via MacRumors}


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