Apple Expected to Sell 1.5M iPad mini in the First Weekend

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Apple’s iPad mini is expected to be a big hit in the coming days and months. In a report from AppleInsider, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster mentioned that he believes Apple will sell about 1.5 million iPad mini in the first weekend of sales. The iPad mini goes on sale today, and will sell through the weekend, despite hurricane Sandy shutting down Apple’s Retail Stores on the East Coast for several days. During initial sales of the iPad mini, 4G LTE versions of the device will not be available but will go on sale later on this month.

Munster also mentioned that it is the “newness of the form factor for consumers” that will continue to the grow iPad sales, with 20-25% of the market accounted as smaller-sized tablets. Munster believes that people will realize the portability and the benefits of having the iPad experience in a smaller form factor. Prior to the release of the iPad mini, Munster also noted that five iPad minis would be equal to the cannibalization of one full sized iPad.

Gene Munster has a proven track record and has speculated on numerous other Apple products, including the original iPad, iPad 2 and iPhone. Munster is right in his speculation that the iPad will eventually come to lead the 7.9” tablet market, much of which is currently dominated by Android and Samsung devices.


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