Apple Promises an “exciting” iTunes Announcement Tomorrow

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Apple iTunes Exciting Announcement

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) have devoted the entirety of their website’s front page to a large white area with clock-faces showing the time in New York, London and Tokyo relative to the time of 07:00 AM in California.

The wording above those clock faces reads thus..

Tomorrow is just another day.
That you’ll never forget.

And we are invited to check back tomorrow on Apple’s web site for “an exciting announcement from iTunes”.

Apple rarely dedicates its front page to anything trivial. Occasionally they will devote the page for Red Cross, or similar organizations appeals for genuine causes, like massive disasters. But other that that their next big new product is generally given pride of place there.

Many rumor sites are suggesting that this announcement must be linked to a “Cloud Service” of some kind. And that does seem like the obvious call to us too.

Will we finally get to hear what, at least some of the bandwidth that Apple’s new Data Centers are capable of pushing out, is for?

Any ideas? Give us your best predictions in the comments…


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  • docmurdock

    Actually it’s probably the drop time of iOS4.2 which has to be downloaded through iTUNES. But we’ll have to wait and see now won’t we. Hopefully no schmuck will spill the beans to anyone and will actually LET this be a SURPRISE

    • Anonymous

      That’s possible.

      Although the WSJ is reporting that it is a Beetles announcement. Now that would be a disappointment.

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