Apple engineer warned about iPhone 4 antenna issues

Bloomberg is reporting this morning that Apple engineer Ruben Caballero warned Apple CEO Steve Jobs about issues with the iPhone 4 that could potentially lead to dropped calls.

Ruben Caballero, whose a senior engineer and an antenna expert, Informed Apple’s management that iPhone 4 design may cause reception issues. The same report also claims that a carrier partner also raised the same concerns about the device prior to the launch. All of these allegations are being made by people who claim that they were familiar with the situation but asked to remain anonymous.

The “death grip” issue, as it has become known, has become a PR nightmare for Apple. With many people calling for iPhone 4 recall and many others calling for Apple to provide bumper cases for free, Apple finally caved in and scheduled a press conference for Friday morning. This report will most certainly throw more fuel on the fire that is already burning. I must tell you that when this issue first surfaced, my first reaction was how could this happen considering the number of smart people working there?

Do you believe this report? What do you think Apple will say tomorrow at the press conference. Let us know your thoughts.


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