Apple’s EarPods Shipping with iPhone 5, iPod touch 5G and iPod nano

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Apple EarPods

During Apple’s music event, the company introduced the new iPhone 5, 7th gen iPod nano and iPod touch 5G (fifth generation). Following the announcement of all these products, they went on to introduce a new product called EarPods, replacing the older headphones shipping with the iPhone 4S and fourth gen iPod touch 4G.

The Cupertino company noted that they have already shipped 600 million of the older headphones and expect EarPods to be a success. EarPods are an entirely redesigned headphone solution for Apple’s iOS products, bringing better sound quality and better technology to the headphones shipping with the current lineup of Apple products.

Apple designed the EarPods by studying the geometry of a user’s ear, and spent over 3 years developing a pair that would give the same sound quality as in-ear headphones without creating a seal on the user’s ear. EarPods have a directed speaker that deposit sound directly into the user’s ear canal instead of emitting sound in one general direction like the older headphones.

The new headphones also feature a series of ports, one located on the back of the headphones and one on the bottom to create airflow within speaker, allowing it to emit crystal clear sound. EarPods will ship with the new iPhone 5 on September 21st, and with the new 7th generation iPod nano and 5th gen iPod touch 5G in October. Apple is also selling the EarPods individually for $29, now available online and in retail stores.


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