Apple Conducting iPad Dipstick Survey To Gauge Reasons for Non-purchase of First Gen Tablet

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iPad 2 rumors have already reached an all time high. Almost all speculation we have reported over the past few weeks suggest that second gen Apple iPad 2 will feature two cameras, faster processor and thinner & lighter design. The first gen iPad is available in all leading markets worldwide; however, Apple decided to release the popular tablet computer in India just last month.

The iPad launch in India didn’t meet with heavy demand even though the iOS device received great reviews from local tech reporters and TV shows. Apple is known to follow a particular product cycle and iPad refresh is just around the corner. Apple’s decision to launch the iPad in January in India ¬†could be seen as a move to sell the remaining stock and clear way for the upcoming release.

Today we received an interesting tip from one of our readers who visited a local authorized dealer for iPad in India and was asked to fill out ‘iPad dipstick survey’. The survey aims to collect some basic information about the customer, but the last question turned out to be quite interesting.

Apple iPad dipstick survey

Apple is probably trying to understand the slow adoption of iPad in India by asking potential customers “reasons for non-purchase”. The survey also goes on to find out if the customer didn’t buy the iPad due to “rumors about new iPad launch,” price not in budget or if additional features were missing.

It’s quite obvious that when the blogosphere begins discussing rumors and speculates upcoming product launches; the sales of previous generation products suffer to a certain extent. Apple’s iPad survey suggests that they are certainly curious to know how many customers defer purchase due to such rumors.

Apple iPad survey


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