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Over 30 retail stores on the East Coast of America, including 4 Apple Stores in NYC shut down earlier this week because of Hurricane Sandy, which swept across the NorthEast region and knocked out power to much of Lower Manhattan and uprooted trees and even the roofs of houses. Appleā€™s 14th Street location in Manhattan, pictured above, is one of the 4 in the metro area of NYC that was shut down during the storm.

The storm, brought over 10 inches of rain to the region, and wind gusts in excess of 90MPH which threatened numerous retail chains in NYC, including Apple Stores, which have all glass designs. With subway and bus stations shut down across the region, Apple Stores may have a hard time getting fresh supplies of iPad mini.

However, during the storm, Apple did take precautionary measures and sent its employees home and put sandbags at the base of stores to prevent water from entering. On iTunes, Apple is now collecting money for those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Apple posted a page for users to donate to the American Red Cross to help supply regions in the Northeast with power, water, food, and other forms of assistance. Apple is accepting donations for $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, and $200. One hundred percent of the donations will be transferred to the American Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy relief, and Apple will not profit in any way. They have done this in the past following the tsunami in Japan and other natural disasters.


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