Apple China online store sells out of iPhone 4

 In Apple

Apple¬†recently launched its online store in China and within just four hours of iPhone 4 going on sale it’s sold out,¬†macnn reports.

Tuesday was the big day for iPhone lovers in China who wanted to order the new iPhone 4 online to avoid the queues at retail stores.

Things aren’t all rainbows and unicorns though – the reported reason for the quick sellout is scalpers – people who buy products to sell on for profit. It’s not the first time Apple fans in China have fallen victim to such tactics after the same practice caused the Sanlitun Apple Store to close temporarily when shoppers confronted scalpers.

Unfortunately Apple has not yet said when they expect to be able to get more stock into the stores, but even when they do it’s far from certain the same scalpers won’t be waiting for them too.


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