Apple Celebrates 5 Years of the App Store With Free Apps and Games

App Store 5 years

App Store 5 years

Apple’s App Store will turn 5 year old on Wednesday, July 10 and to celebrate the success of the digital store the company has partnered with app and game developers to give 5 games and 5 apps for free.

The iPhone was introduced in 2007 and a year later Apple unveiled the SDK for developers to build native apps for the iPhone. The launch of the App Store saw 500 apps with notable apps from EA, Facebook, and more.

It was both, the iPhone and the App Store that fuelled the growth of Apple’s mobile platform and mobile apps gained a new level of popularity that never existed before. 5 years since the introduction of the App Store, it has surpassed 50 billion downloads. 850,000 apps are available on the App Store for users to download and 350,000 of those are exclusively build for the iPad.

Apple takes pride is announcing the revenue paid out to developers which is now more that $10 billion. App Store has created a whole new industry for app developers and has also lead to the growth and emergence of individual developers who have made it big on the App Store.

We launched Touch Reviews in February 2009  just 7 months after the introduction of the App Store to review and share the best apps available in the App Store. Since 2009 the App Store has not just grown in numbers but has successfully lead to revolutionising the way we use our smartphones and tablets.

Some of the notable games and apps that have gone free include BADLAND, Infinity Blade II, Over and Day One (Journal / Diary). Download these great apps and games here.


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