Apple Buys Manufacturer of iOS Compatible Bluetooth Headphones

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Wi-Gear are fairly well know among iOS audiophiles for making some really nice Bluetooth headphones for iPhone and iPods, called iMuffs.

According to sources who feed 9To5 Mac tidbits Apple actually snapped up Wi-Gear a couple of months ago for an “undisclosed sum”. Wi-Gear’s website today announces that the company is no longer trading.

LinkedIn profiles for some Wi-Gear staff very clearly show that they are now working at Apple. Like the profile of Wi-Gear co-founder Michael Kim who now is an iOS Bluetooth Engineer at Apple.

iOS Bluetooth Engineer Apple

This acquisition by Apple is likely to bear fruit sooner than its earlier purchase of LaLa, the music sharing service, who’s web site is also closed. And has been for some time, much to the chagrin of people who loved the service.

But the two purchases by Apple may well be related to some degree. Apple seems to be pushing in all directions to become a dominant player in our daily lifestyle, particularly where media is concerned. That includes streaming TV and music, and cool high quality headphones to listen to stuff on.

It seems very likely that Apple will be launching an own brand of quality Bluetooth headsets to fill its Apple Stores and bulging online retail presence. And that’s good news, as 9To5Mac remind us that Apple’s previous attempts at making its own Bluetooth headsets didn’t go so well!

The secrecy, and time period surrounding this deal makes me wonder if Apple has some new products planned for Christmas. Some great stocking fillers for the iOS person in your life, perhaps!

Happy that Apple is going to be producing these new headphones? Or sad that a little company has been eaten by a big one? Have your say in the comments…

[via 9to5 Mac]


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