Apple Begins Widespread Testing of iOS 5

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iOS 5

Apple’s next major software release, iOS 5, is expected to be unveiled during WWDC 2011 and according to a new report Apple has begun widespread testing of the upcoming release.

9to5 Mac notes that they have been receiving tips from various developers who have reported that their apps are now being tested with iOS 5. Apple is known to support the current gen and immediate predecessor so iPhone 3GS will most likely run on iOS 5. If Apple would have introduced the iPhone 5 in June then it would have been a different story.

Some of the highly anticipated features among users include better notifications, easier way to manage multiple apps, widgets and more. It is widely believed that Apple has been working on cloud services and during this years WWDC we could finally see Apple offering the rumoured music locker service.

Widespread testing of iOS 5 also indicates that the release has entered the final stages and could be introduced as a GM seed for developers during Worldwide Developers Conference so that they can test their apps and make sure they are compatible with the latest software.

What are the top 3 features you’d like iOS 5 to include? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  • Harbmaster

    i hope to see a new notification system, bluetooth file transfer between non iOS phones, safari download manager, some them e changer for the iOS (really i want the lock-screen keyboard) ability to sync music right into the ipod app and movies also, also 3g face time, and a way for the iphone to allow FaceTime wether its by allowing other phones to mimic its function, face-timing between to iOS devices really isn’t cutting it at all. oh and customizable text tones, and hopefully break away from having to hook up your devices to a computer, maybe it should automatically sync within distance or actually allow itunes required functions to already be beuilt into the phone

    • rilys

      Everything that you just requested is already available if you jailbreak your phone. Why wait for iOS 5?

      • Anna

        Jailbreaking, while it does amazingly awesome things, should only be attempted by people who know what they are doing. If this guy is a computer illiterate then perhaps its better to wait a few months

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