Apple axes iPad and iPhone apps that act like Desktops

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An Australian App Store developer who previously espoused the virtues of Apple’s App Store model in a blog post with the title “Sorry Media, But Apple Isn’t Evil,” is today eating his words.

It seems that Apple are carrying out one of their purges of the App Store, but this time it seems that it’s somewhat unusual. Reading between the lines I wonder if this is a portent of things to come in the iPad’s future. By that I mean possible new features.

MyFrame (iPad app), from Groundhog Software, is a glorified digital picture frame. But when one takes a look at a screenshot it does look somewhat like a desktop in its own right. It clearly sports post-it note type reminders, weather and time overlays, and a whole host of icons and widgets you might expect on a tablet’s desktop. But that the iPad does not sport to date.

Previous versions of MyFrame have been approved by Apple for the App Store, and the app is still available today. But Apple have told the developer the app will be purged soon, and that the reason, according to the developer’s version of his conversation with Apple, is :

..they were doing a cull of any applications that presented widgets to the user.

He continued :

All the guy on the phone would say is how much he liked our application, and how sorry he was, but there was nothing he could do. All we got out of him was that Apple no longer liked “widgets” and wanted all widget apps removed.

Incensed, the developer emailed Steve Jobs, and got this reply :

We are not allowing apps that create their own desktops. Sorry.

Sent from my iPad

Now, it could be just that simple. Apple / Steve may feel that apps that look like desktops may confuse the user. But that seems a little vague to me as a reason.

Could it be that the iPad is going to get some widgets, and Growl style alerts in a future OS update. And Apple want to clear any visual confusion / copyright issues right now?

Anyone remember the Konfabulator kerfuffle? Do you think this is just about user confusion? Or is the iPad due for an OS widget augmentation? Let us know in the comments?



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  • Andrey Kolmogorov

    I'm sure it's about Apple adding their own widgets. The iPhone and iPad SCREAM out for widgets. Who doesn't want to see their twitter, facebook feeds streaming at same time as they can see a clock, weather, stocks, and other status info? Widgets are the single best thing about Android.

    There can be little doubt, Magical widgets will be introduced for iDevices any day now. Apple will have done it again, brought the world innovation never before dreamed of. It's going to be a sickening display of self-congratulation and lies when it comes out too.

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