Apple and AT&T infrastructure crumbles under iPhone 4 demand

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As we reported earlier today Apple updated its web site, and pre-order opportunities on both their website and via AT&T for the iPhone 4 went live.

So far it seems that neither Apple or AT&T have adequately prepared for the immense interest that consumers are showing in the new iPhone.

Twitter, itself over capacity most of today too, has been flooded with tweets from people who have been bemoaning their inability to get through to AT&T on the phone to take advantage of iPhone upgrade deals or simply order a new iPhone 4.

If that wasn’t bad enough it seems that Apple’s own websites, both in the US and elsewhere around the globe are also struggling to operate, as other consumers try to order their iPhone 4 direct from ‘The Mothership’.

One iPhone 4 hopeful has posted a video of their frustrating attempts to order online.

iPhone 4 Pre-Order Problems

Some people have even taken the time to produce amusing parody Twitter outage images to reflect the growing frustration in iPhone 4 pre-order land. ¬†Perhaps this is one way to keep yourself occupied while waiting for Apple’s web pages to refresh, or AT&T to answer your call?

Still, we are sure things will sort themselves out in the coming days. Be patient. And good luck! It will be worth all this pain in the end!

Have you managed to order your iPhone 4 yet? Let us know in the comments.


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