Apple Approving iPhone Apps with iOS 5 Compatibility

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iOS 5 compatible apps

iOS developers have begun updating their applications for iOS 5. Apple is now approving applications that utilize features of the current iOS 5 beta and incorporate it into their applications. One of the first applications to receive iOS 5 compatibility was the Netflix for iPhone application. Netflix released a minor bug fix for 4.3.4 and iOS 5 simultaneously.

These new updates will allow developers to lay down the framework for iOS 5 once it is released and gives them a head start to work out any bugs associated with iOS 5 in their applications. Developers are able to do this by using the latest beta of the forthcoming software update.

Developers using iOS 5 beta for app updates is going to reflect positively during the final release of iOS 5, making it easier for developers to tone their apps and for users who will have to deal with a lot less bugs and crashes. With the groundwork laid from betas, developers will also be able to include support for other features such as Notification Center, OS wide Twitter Integration, and Newsstand.

{via AppleInsider}


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