Apple’s App Store Unofficially Hits 100,000 iPad Apps

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A new report published earlier today by MacStories revealed that the App Store has unofficially hit over 100,000 iPad compatible apps. This large number of apps comes less than 2 years after the release of the hugely popular tablet computer. Apple has experienced high sales figures for the iPad since it’s release in April 2010 and now it has hit another landmark of over 100,000 apps, specifically for the iPad’s 9.7 inch touchscreen.

Apple and third-party developers have set a new record: in 453 days since the original iPad came out on April 3, 2010, the App Store has more than 100,000 iPad-exclusive apps available. Either specifically targeting the tablet, or released as universal updates to existing iPhone apps, at the moment of writing this there are 100,161 iPad apps in the Store. How do I know? The App Store app itself on my iPad shows that.

According to AppShopper the App Store now has over 106,000 apps, using Apple’s API for tracking the number of apps available. Apple has yet to acknowledge the new record and may do so during the release of Max OS X Lion or perhaps the annual iPod refresh in September.

Apple has been leading the tablet market with the iPad since it’s introduction and has faced possible “competitors” over the last year and a half.

With an increasing number of applications and widespread adoption of the iPad in business and military, Apple may just continue to lead the game.


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