Apple’s App Store Info-graphics

App Store Submissions

App Store Submissions

If you are interested in digging about what is going on with the App Store then we’ve found a cool web page for you to visit.

Presented in some pretty large Info-graphics are breakdowns of figures like the amount of apps uploaded to Apple each day. And the amount of “inactive” apps in the App Store. Which is around 50,000 and a fifth of the total “active” apps.

Apps are being uploaded at a rate of around 600 a day at the moment, but hit a peak in December of 2009 of 823 per day. Where as in the middle of 2008 there were only 42 apps per day for the App Store Approval Gnomes to deal with.

Books make up 17% of the total apps, with games a close second at 14%, followed by entertainment. If you want to see which niches are the best to go for with your own app ideas then those figures could be very handy.

Most telling is that around 90% of the apps are selling for $2.99 or less.

15 of the best selling apps are games. And that accentuates the risk to reward ratio of game development for designers. There is a lot of background noise to get lost in, but if you can just make a hit…

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