Apple Airs Two New iPad mini TV Ads, ‘Books’ and ‘Photos’

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ipad mini tv ad

Apple has aired two new iPad mini television ads in the United States, highlighting the iPhoto app on the full sized iPad and iPad mini as well as iBooks on both devices. During the iPad mini media event, Apple played and later aired the first iPad mini ad, called ‘Piano’. The new ads, called ‘Photos’ and ‘Books’ very cleverly show the similarities between the fourth generation iPad and iPad mini, and shows the mini as a fully capable device.

The first ad, ‘Books‘ focuses specifically on iBooks, and shows the full sized iPad and iPad mini opening books with different titles, showing the difference in size between the two devices. However, Apple specifically chooses book pairings that show the distinction between each device, including titles such as: The Sun Also Rises and The Valley of the Moon; East of Eden and How the West Was Won; and, Moby Dick and Gone Fishing.

This shows how Apple focuses on displaying the iPad mini as a full iPad experience with all of the same features of a full sized device. The ad ends with pages of a book being flipped while a person holds the iPad mini in one hand followed simply by the words, ‘iPad mini’.

The second ad called ‘Photos’ shows the full sized iPad next to the mini, the same way as the previous ad, but this time shows off the iPhoto for iOS application. The ad shows both iPads running the app and syncing up the same photos, with one half on the full sized iPad and the other on the iPad mini while classic song, Two of a Kind by Bobby Darin and Johnny Mercer plays in the background.

Apple cleverly signifies the power and similarity of the iPad mini to the full sized iPad entirely through the song and several pictures on the screen, going back to its strategy of letting the device speak for itself and not focusing on technical details.

{Via MacRumors}


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