Apple Adds Age Ratings to iOS App Store Descriptions

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Apple Adds Age Ratings to iOS App Store Descriptions

It appears that Apple has been taking a number of precautions on its App Store lately, essentially childproofing iOS, should a parent choose to do so. In iOS 6, the company introduced a feature called Restrictions that allows a user to prevent unintended downloads, and even the type of music that one can listen to.

Apple also began to add a note to the App Store for in-app purchases for ‘freemium’ apps. Now, the company is going ahead and adding age ratings that clearly states what suggested age range should use the app. The tag is located directly underneath the name of the app, ensuring that a user will be fully aware of the age that is required for the download.

Apple has had a number of issues with its App Store in recent months, including several applications containing explicit images that were mistakenly approved for the store. Apple has also refunded money to a number of customers who had children that mistakenly downloaded hundreds of dollars worth of in-app purchases. With all of these steps, Apple is hoping to make the App Store guidelines as clear as possible and is also looking to retain the same simplicity and user-friendliness.

{Via AppleInsider}


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