Apple (AAPL) Set For High Future Earnings as iPad Devours Notebook Market

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It is no secret that the Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPad has had a big effect on the sales figures of some of the smaller netbook portable computers that were so popular in the last couple of years.

Asus have predicted lower sales. Global RAM producers are predicting a drop in RAM prices for PCs because they have overproduced, as predicted netbook orders have not panned out.

Electronista are reporting today that UBS analyst Maynard Um is advising investors that the entire lower-end of the PC market is coming under pressure from iPads as consumers and businesses either put off buying new PCs and get an iPad as a convenient stop gap. Or simply replace their PC with an iPad.

At the moment Samsung, who are also one of the RAM producers mentioned above, are pinning their hopes of stymying Apple’s impressive run with the iPad with their own mid-sized “Galaxy Tab” Tablet.

In recent weeks Apple’s shares dipped slightly. But in the week since the 1st of September they have gained $10 to sit at around $257.

Apple is under a lot of pressure from Google, Samsung and the prospect of a cash crazy spend by Microsoft as they try to establish their own late entry to the mobile device market with Windows Phone 7. But at the same time they are upping iPad production through 2 million units per month to 3 million in the fourth quarter of this year. And cannot ship iPhone 4s fast enough.

On the promise of Apple’s latest bunch of iPods, and the promise of iPhones on other networks in coming months, growing Apple Mac sales, and future iDevices many analysts are still predicting AAPL will hit $300 by year end, and $350 within 12 months.

Basically, if you have shares, hang onto them..

Do you think Apple are unstoppable? Or are Windows Phone 7, Android and the Samsung Tab going to slow them down? Have your say in the comments…


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