Apple (AAPL) Holiday Sales Stronger than Expected

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AAPL (NASDAQ:AAPL) is at yet another all time high this evening (over $330 a share) as investors are now also looking to invest in key companies in Apple’s supply chain as well as the tech giant itself.

Holiday sales for the company seem to have been even better than expected as well. Which is a tall order when expectations were already so high. If my own App Store sales figures are anything to go by, either the terrible weather, or the craze for anything iPhone, iPad or Mac has meant that people have been simply sitting at home clicking buy over and over again on anything Apple related at all!

AppleInsider are reporting that Deutsche Bank and their analyst Chris Whitmore sent a note to investors indicating that Apple saw better than expected demand for both the iPad and the Mac. And the iPhone is shifting as fast as Apple can make them.

Deutsche Bank also noted in a survey of 50 Apple retail outlets (both Apple Stores and partner stores) that stock was able to meet demand, but that the demand was very high.

Revised estimates from the bank have Apple shifting 28 million iPads in 2011 in a market that remains “largely unchallenged”. Both the 32GB iPad with 3G and the 11″ MacBook Air were top sellers in December. The 3G iPad being so successful puts more weight behind the rumour that a CDMA iPad could be in the works for 2011, as we have reported previously.

And rumours continue to circulate about the fabled Verizon iPhone making an appearance very soon this year. So all eyes will be on Apple and its quarterly earnings report, due on Tuesday January 18th, and any announcement they may make around the time of CES (in a couple of days time).

Did you go Apple mad this Christmas? Let us know in the comments…


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