Apple Killing It with 84% of Mobile Gaming Revenue

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Undoubtedly by now, people have heard that there are more Android phones floating around out there than iPhones. We all agree that this is a fairly common thing. I have slowly seen a convergence towards Android so as to not follow the trend amongst my friends.

Many reports are now putting out that having the most devices doesn’t necessarily mean more revenue. I mean of course, revenue isn’t everything but what else do you measure a company by? Currently, Apple is pulling in 84% of all mobile gaming revenue in the US. That is an insane percentage. In my opinion the uniformity and ease of playing games with your pals plays a huge factor. These numbers are based on a report conducted by Newzoo.

The study also yielded another interesting fact. “Paying players have grown 35 percent to 37 million players, and those individuals play 5 times more money in iOS games, than they do on Android”. Again, this is why developers are flowing more and more towards iOS development than Android. You have to go where the money is if you’re looking to make some change.

I am a self-admitted Apple fanboy but I do have great respect for Android OS and devices. Several people that I work with use Android devices and are always touting the perks that Android beat Apple in. I guess I won’t be hearing about gaming revenue.


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  • Aric Bolf

    I game in two places. Facebook and iOS. My mature game preferences (great games that don’t create anxiety) don’t exist on other platforms at low cost.

    i learned long ago that 9 of 10 games on a platform don’t fit my preferences.

    A game on xbox for $50 to $60 or one in the AppStore for free on $0.99

    So that’s $600 or $10. It’s a no brainer here!

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