Apple Inc. Launches 2011 ‘Back to School’ Promotion

Apple 2011 back to School Promotion Free App Store Credit

Apple 2011 back to School Promotion Free App Store Credit

Earlier today, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) launched it’s annual Back to School promotion, except this year, they’ve mixed it up a bit. Instead of offering a free iPod touch with the purchase of a Mac, Apple is giving students $100 App Store Credit.

When you buy a new qualifying Mac with Apple education pricing* from June 16, 2011, through September 20, 2011, you’ll get a $100 Back to School Card to use on the Mac App Store, the App Store, the iTunes Store, and the iBookstore.

Many customers believe that a physical product offered by Apple (iPod touch) is much better than free gift cards. Although that may be true, the simple idea that Apple is offering something free for students is better than nothing, and $100 worth of apps is great for purchasing all the software you need for college.

Apple did not state why they made the change from iPod touch to the $100 credit, however, we can assume that it’s because Apple does not carry any older generation iPod touch at this point. In the past, after introducing a new iPod touch at Apple’s September event, Apple would offer the older models in it’s Back to School promo. The Back to School promotion is set to run from June 16th until September 20th, 2011, well into the beginning of the school year.


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