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touch-reviews-iphone-apps-tickle-monster-promo-codesRating: ★★★☆☆

Tickle Monster: Tickle me till you can tickle no more!

– Full use of Touch and Accelerometer
– Laughing, giggling, chortling, snickering and shakering

I searched for “Tickle” in the app store before I began writing this review and I wasn’t surprised to see more than 7 apps based on tickling! iPhone developers have always been giving us some unusual and never thought of apps in the entertainment category of App Store.

Tickle Monster is a very basic app which displays a green color Monster who gets tickled no matter where you touch. The Monster jiggles, joggles, giggles, wiggles and twitches with a simple touch. Though the developer strictly warns not to shake the monster, you might end up doing that the very first time you open the app. When you shake the monster it feels like you are actually shaking a real ****!

Use Tickle Monster after a tiring day or use it to amuse your kid or gift it to your girl/boy friend, it will never let you down with it’s cute and adorable laughter.

*A research by Tickle Monster Health Organization (TMHO) states if you use this app twice daily it will improve your sense of humor and keep you healthy!

Tickle Monster is a welcome addition to the ever growing tickle fantasy.

Touch-reviews-iphone-apps-promo-codes-official-app-store-badge_4Price $0.99

The Good

  • Very cute sounds

The Not So Good

  • We would like to see more customization options.
  • Name Tickle Monster, add accessories, color options, backgrounds, Level of Happiness, use feather to tickle and much more!
  • Record your own voice and on touching a particular spot the app uses custom sound

*no such research was done. Tickle Monster Health Organization (TMHO) does not exist at the moment.

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