‘Angry Business Man’ Review: It’s not just birds that can get angry you know!

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Rating: ★★★★☆

Some of the simplest and obscure ideas can turn into addictive little games and that is the case with ‘Angry Business Man‘ for iPhone. Put simply your task is to run after the bus that you have just missed in an effort to catch it. However, that’s never actually possible and instead you are just ranked on how far you can run before you crash and burn!

The graphics are sublimely simple with a solid black earth against a perfect white background, your angry business man is also cut out in solid black. The black and white color is interrupted on occasion with a splash of color in the form of selected obstacles that you’ll have to leap over.

The controls are pretty unique, to keep your business man running you have to keep the ground that he is running on flat. If he’s running up hill he’ll slow down and fall off of the back of the screen, while if he’s running down hill he’ll end up running head first off of the front of the screen.

To keep him balanced and centered in the screen you will have to rotate the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad, not just tilt, but a full rotate and this can be quite a challenge especially as you have to look out for those obstacles that will appear in your path.

Touch Reviews Angry Business Man-2Jumping the obstacles is easy, a simple tap on the screen and he’ll jump, tap and hold and he’ll jump further. You have to be quick though as this angry business man can run very fast.

At first I was only able to run to the first obstacle before hitting it. With a little practice though I was able to get further and further and this is where the addictive nature of the game comes in as you’ll always want just one more go to better your previous score.

Although this is all there is to the game it’s definitely worth the 99 cents that it will set you back, this is especially the case as it’s a universal app meaning that it will work on both your iPhone and iPad should you have them with a single purchase.

Global leader boards are offered with integration with OpenFeint but unfortunately at this point there is no Game Center integration.

If you are looking for a fun game that you can pick up and play instantly then look know further than Angry Business Man.


  • Sublimely simple graphics
  • Addictive game-play
  • Universal app


  • Can be difficult at first

$.99 (App Store)


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