Angry Birds iPhone Case Available At Apple Stores

Angry Birds iPhone Case

Angry Birds iPhone CaseThe Angry Birds invasion shows no sign of slowing, with plush toys and more versions of the game on iOS and Android than you can shake a stick at. The latest addition to the family of game-related merchandise is a selection of Angry Birds branded iPhone cases.

Produced by Gear4 accessory manufacturer the cases feature some great drawings of the classic birds in the customary angry pose or a Pig King should you prefer the dark side.

All cases are priced at a reasonable $24.99 and are showing up at Apple Store in the US so far – if you’ve spied them internationally do let us know. Reports in the past have suggested that the cases would be exclusive to O2 stores in the UK, which obviously isn’t the case.

Presumably these gorgeous accessories won’t provide too much protection, but hey anything’s better than nothing, right?

Are you the proud owner of an Angry Birds iPhone case? Shoot us some pictures of your showing off your new wares and let us know what you think in the comments below!


{via MacStories}


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