Android The Victor As Smartphone Sales Soar

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According to new numbers coming out of ABI Research today, approximately 302 million smartphones shipped last year worldwide, with sales up 71% in 2010 when compared to 2009.

The figures also show that a massive 69 million Android devices were sold to eager punters, while ABI Research predict the platform will reach a 45% market share by 2016.

Again using the analyst’s numbers, iOS currently has a 15% share which is expected to grow steadily to 19% in the next 5 years.

Also-rans RIM (BlackBerry) and Microsoft (Windows Phone 7) are expected to make up the remainder while not pulling up any trees. RIM seem content to sit in their comfort zone of the enterprise market while MS are still struggling to get their fledgling operating system to take off. Recent software update woes won’t help them in the short term either.

IDC however disagrees with the assessment of WP7’s chances. The firm said last week that the believe Microsoft could find their OS overtake Apple in market share by 2015 thanks to the recent deal bringing Windows Phone 7 to Nokia handsets.

{Source: PCWorld}


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