Android Market to Overtake Apple’s App Store in August?

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According to a new report published by Research2guidance Android Market share in the number of apps available on a mobile platform will overtake Apple’s App Store in August 2011.

Even though the Android Market was slow in getting developers attention initially, it is now showing accelerated growth and could become greater than Apple’s App Store. The report notes that in the month of April Android Market saw 28,000 new apps being uploaded while only 11,000 made it to the App Store.

The App Store now has a total of more than 381,062 active apps and Android Market is certainly cacthing up fast with a total of 294,738 apps as of May 1.

On the basis of the number of apps made available in April and studying the rate of growth Research2guidance predicts that Android Market will surpass the total number of apps available on the App Store and reach 425,000 apps in August.

However, the more interesting facts pertain to the paid vs free apps available in both stores. Android Market features only 36% paid apps while the App Store boasts 60% paid apps. Clearly developers are more confident about being able to sell their software on Apple’s platform when compared with Google’s Android Market.

It’s also worth noting that Apple has a very strict approval process which makes sure that only quality apps make it to the store. According to Jobs the top three reasons why Apple rejects a particular app include; the app crashes, uses private API’s or does not work as advertised. In contrast Android Market has become a target of a few malicious apps making it to the store, apps that don’t follow standard UI elements or are just copycat apps.

While the number of apps is certainly one way of judging a platform’s success; revenue share continues to favor Apple.


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  • Pedigo

    Perhaps the reason that only 36% of Android apps (vs 60% of iOS apps) are paid is because of the ads that inevitably make their way onto the Android platform. It seems that every article posted about anything to do with Apple has some sort of ignorant bias. It’d be nice if Apple users weren’t all morons.

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