Android 3.0 Performance Issues May Benefit Apple’s iPad 2 and Other Tablet PC Vendors

Android 3.0 Apps

Android 3.0 Apps

Android 3.0 codenamed Honeycomb is a tablet-only operating system (OS) and a recent report by DigiTimes suggests that according to “sources from upstream touch panel players” its unstable performance may benefit Apple’s iPad 2 and other tablet PC vendors.

Due to Android 3.0 currently still having several issues that are unable to be resolved immediately and which are causing unstable performance in terms of operation, HP, which is ready to launch its TouchPad tablet PC with its own OS, webOS, in the second quarter, and RIM, which will soon launch its PlayBook with BlackBerry OS in the middle of April, as well as Apple, are expected to gain benefit from the mischief of Android 3.0, the sources pointed out.

Apple products are known for tight integration between hardware and software. iOS for iPhone and iPad provides a consistent and stable user experience which has proved to be one of Apple’s biggest strengths in marketing new products.

When Apple comes out with a new product customers already know how to use them. Millions of iPhone users already knew how to use iPod touch even before it was launched and the same concept worked when iPad was introduced. This is because Apple has worked very diligently to unify the OS for their tablet and smartphones.

Google has however taken another route where they have to now focus on developing and supporting two operating systems which might end up taking more time to bring together. Android chief Andy Rubin recently in a blog post said, “the Android team is still hard at work to bring all the new Honeycomb features to phones.”

Apple’s second gen tablet has seen a successful launch and is expected to sell 30 Million iPads by the end of 2011. While on the other hand DigiTimes reports that iPad competitors like Motorola “shipped around 700,000 Xoom tablet PCs before the end of March”. Further the report speculates that Motorola might be preparing to launch its next-generation tablet and therefore not planning orders past June.

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Ravin MohindruAndroid 3.0 Performance Issues May Benefit Apple’s iPad 2 and Other Tablet PC Vendors