Analyst: iPad 2 Sales Helping Parts Vendors, Apple To Sell LOTS of Units

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Analysts like to analyze, and Ticonderoga Securities’ Brian White is no different. In an article White says that Apple’s huge success with the iPad 2 is helping its manufacturing partners show equally stellar results.

Wintek, the firm supplying the touch screen found in the iPad 2 is seeing huge increases in sales for March, mainly thanks to the iPad 2 says White. Sales in March are 40% up month on month for the company, with White claiming this shows just how well the iPad 2 has been received since its launch in March.

With iPad 2 now available worldwide the tablet shows no sign of slowing down in terms of sales with stores in every territory struggling to keep up with unprecedented demand. Apple’s suppliers are clearly reaping the benefits.

White also says he believes Apple will sell 27.4 million iPad 2s in the company’s 2011 fiscal year with 37.5 million the number plucked from the air for the following year. Considering Apple has yet to release any sales figures whatsoever for iPad 2 however, we’re not entirely sure what these predictions are based on. Presumably the alignment of various stars and which side of bed this particular analyst fell out of bed.

{via AppleInsider}


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  • Bobby Mikels

    It is not surprising at all to see iPad 2’s demand go very high. With the success of the original iPad, it is expected that the second generation will be more accepted by consumers. And with the not so successful sales of Motorola Xoom, the only serious competitor of iPad 2 will be the Samsung Galaxy that will be released in June.

  • lemon

    I totally believe iPad 2 can achieve that number! As it feels and acts drastically differently from its predecessor!

    BTW: cool apps&games and tips for iPad users, like “Get and Watch Free Movies on iPad/iPad 2”

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