Alice in Bomberland Ready To Stir Childhood Nostalgia

Sonic Boom Games sent us an update regarding Alice in Bomberland, their upcoming iPhone/iPod touch game title which has been under development since April.

We got exclusive preview screenshots of the gorgeous character artwork in early April and now the game has been submitted to Apple for review. The developers expect the game to be out within a few weeks.

Alice in Bomberland is an action based puzzle game inspired by the classic tale of Alice in Wonderland.


  • From the designer/programmer of the hit game iPhone/iPod Touch game Topple, and the visual artist from Braid
  • Juggle bombs and blow out burning fuses in familiar character scenes – from the harried White Rabbit and the elusive Cheshire Cat, to the hookah-smoking Caterpillar and the tea-drinking Mad Hatter, and more!
  • Game features will include time manipulation, hallucinations, cloaking, and a two-player simultaneous challenge.
  • Gorgeous character art and scenery stir up childhood nostalgia.
  • Dreamy (11 song soundtrack) music reinforces the storybook charm of the game.
  • Original illustrations by acclaimed children’s book illustrator Mark Meyers
  • 8 different gameplay modes, 6 stages for each character, and a total of 48 levels

You earn points by completing each level and reaching a satisfactory score to advance to the next level. The game also features many levels, more story, new powerups, new characters and artwork, which can be unlocked as you progress in the game.

Alice in Bomberland for iPhone/iPod touch – Trailer

New Screenshots

Alice in Bomberland iPhone_1
Alice in Bomberland iPhone_2
Alice in Bomberland_3
Alice in Bomberland_4
Alice in Bomberland_iPhone5
Alice in Bomberland_iPhone7


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