Air Penguin Review: Bouncing and Sliding Your Way Through an Icy Playground

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Rating: ★★★★★

Air Penguin Review-4Air Penguin Review: A happy game of bouncing and sliding your way through a frozen, watery landscape to save your family from the melting ice.

You are a bouncy, pouncy penguin that must navigate ice floes to reach your destination. You were born bouncing, so tilting your iOS device is the only control you need for this game. Your mission is to jump from ice floe to ice floe without falling into the water, and picking up as many goldfish along the way as you can. Occasionally, you can hitch a ride on a sea turtle, as long as you avoid the ice floes, sharks and other obstacles. And every now and then, you get to play on a long stretch of ice and slide around holes and otters to get to the goal.

Air Penguin {$.99} is a lot of fun. Each stage is short enough to keep you saying “just one more.” And each stage is different than the others even though there are similar elements. About the time the game is getting routine, there’s a new or different way of playing tossed in. For instance, about the time you’ve got bouncing between ice floes figured out, you now have to ride a sea turtle to get to the goal.

Air Penguin Review-1There is also a survival mode where you have continuous play and can compete to win achievements on the Game Center leader boards. The best part is that you don’t always have to start over from the beginning when you slip up.

The watery landscape is bright and cheerful, perfectly suited to a bouncing penguin. The music is also light hearted but with enough natural sound effects interspersed to give it a wilderness feel. It’s easy to become immersed in the game.

Air Penguin has some in-app purchases available, ranging from $0.99 to $9.99, if you want to buy more fish. There’s also a free version available, but it’s limited to 25 stages and it limits survival mode. The complete game has 125 stages and is well worth the purchase price.

This addictive little game is great fun and a good challenge. And given its simple controls, anyone can pick it up and enjoy it.
Air Penguin - GAMEVIL Inc.

  • Happy, fun game that’s quick to pick up
  • Easy tilt control, which you can adjust
  • Mixes up the game play just enough to keep it from getting tedious


  • Story screens went a bit fast to pick up on



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