Air Display for iPad. Ever Wanted To Use Your iPad As Another Display?

Air Display for iPad2

Air Display for iPad2

Rating: ★★★★☆

Air Display is an app for your iPad and iPhone that allows you to use their displays as a secondary monitor in a matter of minutes. A simple download on your Windows PC or Mac and you can pair the devices using the app and voila, you have a secondary monitor. While the monitor will not be a 22” monitor or bigger that you are looking for it works great for something you would like to continually monitor without dedicating an entire display to it.

Aside from the functionality that Air Display provides, my favorite part about it is the ease of setup. I had this up and running in about 15 minutes and that includes download times for both my iPhone and iPad as well as on my PC and Mac. After that I followed the instructions that are laid out within the application and I had it up and running. Not only was it running but I was monitoring my Yahoo! Messenger on my iPad screen while typing this review on one of my Dell monitors and researching on the other Dell monitors. The versatility with which this can be used is great. I often find myself monitoring twitter while I work and I was able to do so on my Mac while monitoring twitter on my iPad screen. I was even able to utilize my iPhone screen as a place to keep my calculator. These types of things allow for these devices to have yet another functionality.

Air Display for iPad

Another great thing about this software is that it allows for auto rotate so if I am using messenger which looks better in the upright mode I could but later when I put a browser window on my iPad, I put in landscape view and it does so on the fly without issue. The argument I heard from many people was that the screen would be too small for this to be useful but I found the screen to be better than that I was used to using on a netbook so when I was on my MacBook Pro I felt that I had a truly independent screen. Another great thing is that it is wireless, NO CORDS! Just need to be on the same network. There is the option for an ad-hoc connection as well. Another huge advantage that it has going for it is the fact that the touchscreen on your iPad still works. Sure there is a limited number of ways to use this functionality as the response times aren’t crazy good but the fact that it has the option shows that they were truly concerned with providing you all of the functionality that they possibly could.

Air Display for iPad-3

The app looks very clean and has great functionality. I never had trouble figuring anything out as they give you everything you need within the app to figure out the set up and usage of this application. If you are a secondary monitor user and hate being limited to a single monitor, this is a great app for you. This app along with the stand-up case I got for my iPad 2 work great together to allow me to have two monitors when on the go. The simple set up ensures that you can have it up and running in no time. I didn’t have any problems with response time and it worked without issue for me in all of my attempts.

I highly recommend this application if you find yourself constantly wishing you could bring your secondary monitor with you on the go.


  • Ease of Use
  • Functionality is great
  • Wireless
  • Response Time seemed very solid


  • Need of same network though that is understandable
  • Take more advantage of touch capabilities

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Updated: Feb 25, 2011
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1.3 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
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Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later



3 Comments on “Air Display for iPad. Ever Wanted To Use Your iPad As Another Display?”

  1. I use this mostly for stills and windows that are slow to update (since airplay and air video handle audio and video better). But Air Display excels at showing things off my desktop to colleagues in another part of the office. This saves a great deal of time when we collaborate and is more natural than screen sharing because we can occupy the same space.

    We reserve screen sharing for co-workers on other floors and IT personnel troubleshooting a problem with an application.

    It will be very useful once WiFi speeds increase and the refresh rate can exceed 60Hz

  2. Hmmm…I initially thought this would be handy, but when I thought about it, the iPad equaivalents of email, messenger style apps, twitter etc work better on the ipad interface.
    I’m sure there’s still plenty of uses for desktop applications or views that aren’t available on iPad. I guess things that are tied to the desktop like a particular log view while you’re developing or something like that. Actually, if you could some how have a desktop widget dashboard style view – that’s something you wouldn’t already have on your iPad!

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